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Terms and Conditions


 The Traveler agrees to provide all necessary information requested by ENJOY VILLAS in order to establish the reservation. By confirming your reservation you agree to contractually engage directly with ENJOY VILLAS according to its terms and conditions.


The Traveler agrees to pay a deposit of 30% of the total rental price stated on the booking form. If the tenant does not pay the deposit within 10 days, ENJOY VILLAS reserves the right to cancel the reservation. This payment can be made by Wire transfer, check (Polynesian Banks only) cash, or credit card (secure payment link by Paypal or Payplug ). Payments by credit card will be charged with an additional fee equal to the Committee on online payment management company. (For CB Visa or Mastercard 2.5%, for other cards 3.5%)


The remaining balance will be payable at the latest upon entry into the villas . The tenant will make the payment by check (Polynesian Banks only), cash, wire transfer, or credit card. Payments by credit card will be charged an additional fee equal to the Committee on online payment management company. (For CB Visa or Mastercard 2.5%, for other cards 3.5%)


The Traveler will be reimbursed at 100% of the deposit already paid if he cancels his stay at least 60 days prior to arrival. Otherwise, the 30% deposit will not be refunded. Cancellations due to safety or Exceptional Problems can override the cancellation policy. (Family Death, serious illness, natural disaster in the country, political unrest in the country).


You can refer to these conditions if the causes of your cancellation concern the COVID epidemic, such as (borders closed, flights canceled, or if you do not have what it takes to enter the territory, such as vaccines or other formalities).

You will be refunded up to 100% of your deposit if you cancel your stay at least 60 days before the date of arrival as indicated in the cancellation T & Cs of ENJOY VILLAS.

Due to the current situation, refunds may take several months to be established, we apologize in advance

.If the 60-day period is exceeded (Several cases.) : 

  1. You want to cancel because of confinement, borders closed or your flights are canceled: We will offer you a credit for the value of the deposit valid for 1 year from the date of your initial stay. we will not offer refund.
  2. If you want to cancel because several members of the group can no longer come because they are still confined or the airlines have not been restored, but the other part of the group has the possibility of coming because there is no longer any cons indication: We will offer you a credit for the value of the deposit valid for 1 year from the date of your initial stay. we will not offer refund.
  3. If you wish to cancel because one or more members of the group renting the property can no longer come, but the confinement is over and air transport is restored (for your country) This new clause will not be valid, you will not be able to benefit from a credit note, and you will take the 30% deposit.


Upon entering the villas, the traveler will deliver to ENJOY VILLAS a bail in the amount of 100 000 XPF or 200 000 XPF depending of the property, by check or cash. This deposit will cover any damage and / or deterioration of The villa , furnitures and objects furnishing by Enjoy Villas caused by the Traveler . The deposit may be made by check payable to Enjoy Villas, or by a deposit of cash, Enjoy Villas shall restore the bail after an inventory and a check of the villa upon return of the keys. (Only the Polynesians checks will be accepted.). If the traveler can not give a bail, Enjoy Villas reserves the right to request a passport , an ID card or a driving license as security.


An inventory will be established by the Parties at the end of the rental. For 48 hours following the end of the rental, ENJOY VILLAS reserves the right to challenge it . The lack of challenge will say that the villa was delivered in good condition and / or complete inventory.


The Traveler will use peacefully the rented accommodation , the furniture , equipment and liable for damage and losses that may occur during the contract period on the villa which he has the exclusive enjoyment.The traveler maintain the rented accommodation and make it in clean conditions at the end of the stay. If objects are broken or damaged, Enjoy Villas may claim their value remplacement. The Traveler will prevent noise likely to disturb the neighbors, especially those emitted by radio, TV and others . The Traveler will have no recourse against Enjoy Villas for theft and degradations in the rented places.The Traveler will respect the maximum number of persons may enter in the villas , according to the description of it .The Traveler will respect the ban on smoking and to bring pets in the villas . The Traveler may not object to the visit of local ENJOY VILLAS if requested.


The Civil Liability Insurance (or protection against accidental damage to the rental) is an insurance that covers accidental damage to the rental property during your stay, in addition to the deposit. With liability insurance you will not have to pay for accidental damage that you would have done in the property that you have rented. Contact your usual insurance agent to ensure that you and your family are well covered when staying at a property abroad.